Used Tractors - Latest Arrivals


How can I purchase old tractors here?

This is a portal where a potential buyer meets seller. Dealings will happen between buyer & seller offline only

Do I get a guarantee on the Price?

Prices are negotiable and the seller will get in touch with you as per the need. No finalization of prices happen on this site.

What if I can't find the tractor I am looking for?

You can send in your Contact Details and requirement and a person will get in touch with you when the used tractor is available at some location

If I am interested in getting a used tractor through Finance, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can provide further details to the person who gets in touch with you

Can I get further details about the tractor I am interested in?

All available / shared details have been put up on this portal - for more information / actual appearance, the seller will get in touch with you

Can I access this site from my phone?

Yes, there is a separate Mobile Application available which can be downloaded from the link available at the right bottom end of the site (or) can be downloaded from Google Play Store alternatively

What are the requirements to use the Mobile App from my phone?

You need to have a smartphone and as of now this application will work on Android platform only

I'm facing a technical difficulty while trying to search / send an enquiry

Please email us at or call us at +91 7480407680 and we will revert on the issue asap

Can I search for my need by filtering irrelevant options?

Yes, in the search page, there is a refine result option on the left side of the page wherein you can give your criteria and get desired results

Can I sell my old tractor on this site?

There is no direct provision for the same ; However you can give us your details / requirement at and we will get back to you